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Website & Domain Name Transferring

Strategic, surgical, and careful transferring of your domain or website.

Different Elements

First off, please be aware that these are indeed two different elements. Your website’s domain name might be hosted with company ‘X’ while the website itself is hosted with company ‘Z’. This can be done by modifying the DNS records and is quite often the case.

Domain Ownership

No matter who designs your website, be sure that the domain name is registered by you and tied to an email address you intend to keep and check for the long haul, otherwise, you might find yourself in very sticky situation one day.

Hosting access required

If you are looking to have your website redesigned we will need access to the hosting account. Sometimes these accounts are hosted by shared servers along with your previous designer’s other websites and hence, your previous designer will not give you hosting access, and nor should they. If they are a reputable designer they will however export your database and zip up your root directory so you may move your website to a new host.

Tracking down your previous web design company

We are able to facilitate in helping you track down your old designer if need be and as we have been down that road, we also have some legal copy we can utilize to attain your website files if need be.

Domain transfer is hard but possible

Domain names can be much more difficult if you do not have ownership rights. However, we have successfully tracked and transferred domain name ownership rights every time we have been contracted to do so.

WordPress migration.. be careful!

Moving your WordPress website to a new hosting company? Be careful, a few wrong moves and you’ve just destroyed your website. Exporting databases, creating new and importing SQL data, modifying ten thousand plus lines of code with a new URL, MySQL injecting and plugin data import/export… just a few of the steps to undertake when moving your WordPress website and each one we’ve done over a hundred times. Don’t risk it, hire a pro when it comes to moving your WordPress website.

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