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We offer a large assortment of hosting options from dedicated and VPS hosting to highly affordable shared hosting solutions. The type of hosting needed will need is highly dependent on the level of functionality your site will require combined with the estimated traffic your website will be experiencing.

Basic Shared Hosting

This is a great option if you plan to have a raw coded website. There is no admin portal for a raw coded site an hence security is not nearly as difficult to implement and maintain. A major downside to a raw coded website is the lack of a content management system in place. You will not be able to modify your own content without going through us and each time we make a modification we charge a minimum of one hour service time.

*Although we do not recommend this for larger sites such as those utilizing content management solutions you may elect to have your site on this type of hosting as long as you waive your right to our 2.5 second load time guarantee.

Price: $3 per month for raw coded websites. $6 per month for CMS sites plus $15 per month for security.

WordPress managed hosting:

Although this ultimately a type of shared hosting, this server has been strategically configured to quickly host the content management system we develop with, WordPress. As security is a greater concern we do not recommend this type of hosting for e-commerce websites. If your website requires highly advanced functionality you may not be able to use this type of hosting as the server does have more constraints then VPS and Dedicated servers.

Price: $20 per month for CMS sites plus $10 per month for security

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

This is a great option for large and advanced content managed websites. Security is much stronger on this server and it allows for much more modifications which are necessary for advanced functionalities.

Price: $30 per month for CMS sites plus $10 per month for security.

Dedicated Hosting

Recommend for high traffic websites with advanced functionality and extreme security needs.

Price: $70 per month for CMS sites plus $20 for security.

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The more you know

Website hosting is just one of the many services we offer. We’ve segmented our other major services into separate pages and highly recommend you learn as much possible about the process. Choose from the options below and navigate toward knowledge!

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