Website load time is crucial for SEO and engagement

40% of internet travelers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load, according to a recent study by Kissmetrics .

Whether raw coded from the ground up or integrated through a content management system, every site we develop has to meet our 2.5-second load time test before it goes live to the public. We utilize a plethora of advanced compression and browser caching software to be certain your website loads fast and keeps users’ seamless experience.

Every website is different and each has unique requirements to properly integrate advanced load time optimization software. We have been been working on developing our own custom software for decreasing load times and will soon be selling our software through a 3rd party software store. Stay posted for developer tools software to be released right here on in the near future.

Load time is a key element Google and other search engines factor in when displaying page results. Bounce rates also increase when load times are slow, causing a direct effect on a website’s ranking. Invest in your website’s SEO by hiring a professional web design company.

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  1. Indeed, page load speed should be among the top priorities for website owners especially if it’s an ecommerce site. From a consumer’s view, it’s really annoying when you have to wait for the entire webpage to load before you can see the product you want to buy. From SEO’s standpoint, you’d want to get on Google’s good side – and that loading time should be less than 2 seconds as recommended.

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